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final table of wpt-satellite

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Man that sucked. The 66 vs AQ...oh well, it was a coin flip, I'd do it again if I knew exactly what his hole cards were. the aces getting cracked absolutely sucked though.The hand with the aces and 8s on the flop whereI took it down on the river was actually a total bluff, I had J7, I just felt like he didn't have a good enough hand to call it.The last hand, I had so many outs, I figured I had to push there between all the outs and the chance of folding.Damn.When I think that I just put 12000 dollars on the line on a coin flip (66 vs AQ), I start to wonder...On the bright side, I made 650-175, so I can enter some more, and hopefully do well (I think I took some beats, like the KK when we were three-handed...if I'd gone into heads up with the lead, I really think I would've won). For anyone considering playing in some of these: The ones during the evenings and nights seem way easier to me (even though I've been tabled with KrazyKanuck and t soprano). I really wish I'd won, but there will be more tournaments. Thank you to everyone who railed me - its a completely different experience when you know you've got people pulling for you. I appreciate it so much.

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