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teams remaining and picks left after week 7

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8 left: arerad LA Ana Det TB Van Ott Dal Broadway Ott Phi Det TB Van Nsh Dal Go Wings Go Cgy Nsh Det Car Van NYR Dal HC Dukes Ott SJ Det TB Van Nsh Dal Joe Bloes SJ Det Ott Min Car Phi Dal NJ Hooliganz Ott SJ Det TB Van Nsh Dal Real Bruins Wear Black Nsh LA Van Ana Ott Phi Tor Vancouver Hosers NYI LA Det TB Phi Ott Dal Dallas 7 Detroit 7 Ottawa 7 Vancouver 6 Nashville 5 Tampa Bay 5 Philadelphia 4 Los Angeles 3 San Jose 3 Anaheim 2 Carolina 2 Calgary 1 Minnesota 1 NY Islanders 1 NY Rangers 1 Toronto 1Thanks to TheCanadian :-)

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