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Well, my first post here so I hope its a good one.Yes I have used and still use PSO. Here is a little story. I began playing online free beginning of 2004, really had no idea but I liked the game and had fun.Some friends would play and we all had a good time getting together but nobody really had a clue besides what we saw on TV. I stumbled into the casino and made a little money but realized then I was getting more luck than anything. I found an online site and got to know some people from that forum. I had deposited once before but had no clue. But began reading and asking questions. I deposited again $50.00. I began to play and do OK, gaining a little concepts here or there, but like Im sure others here I begain to get a little over confident. I began to lose some of my very little bankroll. I was only playing .25/.5 limit games at this point. Had roll up to about 100 so losing 25 was a significant loss at the time. I became friends with someone over the internet who is a very well respected player, writer in the poker world. He began to work with me on a few things, and things started to get a little better. He was then hired at PSO, and suggested I give it a try to work on a few glitches. Thsi was in about July. I visited often more so for the live table lesson, could stop ask questions and found a fw of my leaks.I still go and visit from time to time, and enjoy it. I know him and another instructor there on somewhat a personal level so I go and hang out, at times offering suggestions, or helpign them where I can.Since joining there I have taken that 50 bucks to over 5k online play. I would suggest it. I dont get into the tourneys or the leagues, I just go there to boost some confidence at times, learn a few things or validate a few questions I already knew.

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