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comparing poker pro's to other pro athletes's $$$

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I was wondering...From what I've heard (I could be wrong) Phil Ivey is one of the wealthies poker players as far as building his own bankroll with ONLY poker winnings. I was wondering how you think his yearly salary (after endorsements) compare to...1. The average pro football player2. The average pro baseball player3. The average pro basketball player4. The average pro hockey player5. The average pro golfer6. The average pro tennis playerKeep in mind, all the endorsements count. I understand that Phil Ivey isn't the "average" pro poker player, but I think it'd be interesting to see how his money compares to other pro athletes. Obviously he can't be making more money than Tracy McGrady, TO, Tiger Woods, or Alex Rodriguez, but what about the average 6th man in the NBA? Or just some random linebacker in the NFL?Just wondering,Lando

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compared to the AVERAGE player in those sports, im sure he makes much more.  Compared to the top players in those sports its probably pretty even.
the average player in each of those sports is a big difference. i'm sure he makes more than the average NFLer. but i doubt he makes "a lot" more than the average NBAer.I' think he makes less than the top athletes, once you include endorsements, etc.and the main difference of course between pro athletes and pro poker players is that athletes are athletes. :club: Daniel
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