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the "low down" on hu sng's

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:shock: ok...I'm so confused. I would like to know what's the deal with HU SNG's?More or less variance?What kind of BR do I need?Where's the best place to learn strategy?What's the best site for them?The reason I'm asking this is because I'm really intrested in playing them this week. I was just wondering if I should put my $$$ on pokerstars or pokerroom. I lurk the posts at 2+2, and they suggest that HU SNG's have LESS VARIANCE, but I think other's at this forum might disagree.Someone explain something to me before I rip out my hair. :roll:

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Of course HU has less variance, you win half the time. It's the same as SNGs having less variance than MTTs. There's a good section on heads up play in Harrington's second book. Otherwise, just play a bunch of it. I play heads up matches on Absolute and find it pretty easy going. Some examples of the plays I've seen are me raising first hand with 88 to like t90, my opponent calling then leading off all-in for like t1400 on a 8 5 2 rainbow flop and showing 53.As for BR, I play 50 dollar HUs and my roll is about 1600. My rule is never risk more than 10% of your roll on any one tournament or bet and these are no exception, even if I do have only one opponent.Hope that helps some.

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