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I know this shouldnt be bothering me but it is just one of those things. For any of you that play on Full Tilt you probably heard the rumor of "Tryangle" being Ben Affleck. The guy just sits at the high stakes with 8k waiting for people to take him on and usually its one of the pros...(the other day he took Juanda for 10k) i guess the big deal about this guy is no one knows exactly for sure who he is. it is not ben affleck because today came and sat at my .5/.10 table when no one else was playing vs him and a particular person wanted my table to fill out. Needless to say it filled up as fast as if it was a FT Pro. once he joined, people flocked. he laughed when people called him Ben and after he left someone said it is not Affleck but instead "Tryangle" is an anagram for both his first and name. example : Angry Tel is an anagram for Tryangle the only thing i could find when i googled it was a man named Gary Lent who has played in a few WSOP events. but then i dont understand why this is such a big deal at FT...it is literally all anyone has been talking about latelyany ideas??

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