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fcp insomniac army

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I didnt know there was an insomniac army...wtf? can I join?hehe, 4 am here in LA Im drinking Bohemia and watching rounders....what a loser.
Is it on tv?
nah dvd, probably the 40th time ive seen this movie. Its a bit sad.
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This is like a second coming of a beatnik revolution and I'm sure will be just as successful.
Quiet with your pig-dog propaganda!! The revolution is an organic movement, not a reacation to the enui of post-industralial capitalist life. Beatniks only provided distraction from your decandent western ways, we bring revolution!
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I just drank the last can of Pepsi I had and I'm censored about it. I would of paced myself had I known because I don't want to go out at 1am to get more fucking Pepsi. I just ruined my night.
I hate going out to get shit to eat at this time of night! That is why I had a friend pick up soda for me on the way over tonight. :club:
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Here's how unafraid of you we are: I'll even help you out and post in your little thread, too. :wink:
SPLITTER!!! 1 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users) 1 Members: Ouch-8sBah. Imsomniacs, my ass
wow. flashback
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