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9/18 lhe - kk, questions on turn, river

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9/18 live at Lucky Chances. Villain is pretty donkish and has burned a buy in already, mostly by cold calling then folding. He's been bitching for about 40 minutes about a guy tripping up on the river to take down his kings. I don't know if he's a little drunk, or what. I look down to find two red kings in LP. 1 limp, I raise, 2 folds, BB (villain) reraises, limper calls, I cap, BB calls, limper callsFlop: 3 players (12.5 SB) J23 (rainbow)BB checks, limper checks, I raise, BB raises, Limper folds, I three bet, BB caps, I callTurn: 2 players (10.25 BB) 10 (offsuit)BB checks, I bet, BB raises, I callRiver: 2 players (14.25 BB) 7BB bets, I callFinal Pot: 16.25 BBI figure preflop is a standard cap, and even the flop may be an easy cap. The turn, I really knew he was going to check raise me, but I didn't mind all that much. In retrospect, I maybe should have checked the turn and seen a showdown for 1 bet. Instead I cost myself 3. I would say I'm looking for anything to change here. What do you guys change? I'm not really beating much on this river by the way given the preflop/flop action.

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