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playing out of my br

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played some 5/10 at UB last night after the strat tablenot really long enough to call a session, just 40 or 50 handsso no real BR risk, although i was slightly underrolledbut i think this gives me something to look forward toman that game was soft (real weak/tight)

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tim, you should get in the habit of taking shots.i don't mean stupid "let's take a shot at 50/100 hope to double up" shots.i mean. let's say you're playing 3/6. you should consider taking a shot at 5/10 if you can set aside $300 from your bankroll.set aside one session where you sit down with that $300. if you ever lose it, you're done. otherwise, you play the session as normal.then, you return to your normal stakes. doing this once a week or so is not only healthy for your bankroll, it helps you adjust really nicely.aseem

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