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Next month I am running a hold 'em home tourney with about 20 friends. I am going to have a 20 dollar buy-in with 1 rebuy within the first hour, and no add-ons. Blind structure as follows:Blinds will increase every half hour. Level 1 25-25Level 2 25-50Level 3 50-100Level 4 75-150Level 5 100-200Level 6 150-300 Level 7 200-400Level 8 300-600and so on.This is just to have fun and win a little money. With a 20 dollar buy-in and 20 players there is a 400 dollar prize pool. Does anyone have any suggestions on payout? I was thinking of this:1. 1502. 1003. 604. 505. 40Does anyone know of any web sites that could be a big help?ThanksOrville

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www.thetournamentdirector.nethas a blind timer, percentage payout calculator, etc. good program
Finally got this to download. It seems pretty cool.How does everyone go about consolidating tables. I plan on having 2 tables of 10 each. When do I move people around to keep the tables relatively even. Last time one table had 4 while the other table had 8. I was not sure if I should move a couple off the table of 8 and put them on the table of 4. I then was not sure of whom to move. Any ideas?Orville
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