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sometimes its so bad you have to laugh.

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(This is in a 535 person MTT, about 15 people left)***** Hand History for Game 11603198 *****3000.00/6000.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Mon Sep 19 03:45:55 GMT 2005Seat 4: bztian (7529.40)Seat 5: player79 (88957.20)Seat 6: mudflats (37287)Seat 7: GCCinny (92117.20)Seat 8: countrygirl41 (20605)Seat 9: Ray_Powers (25490)Ray_Powers : Ante (300)bztian : Ante (300)player79 : Ante (300)mudflats : Ante (300)GCCinny : Ante (300)countrygirl41 : Ante (300)Ray_Powers : Small Blind (3000)bztian : Big Blind (6000)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to Ray_Powers [ Jh Jd ]player79 : Foldmudflats : FoldGCCinny : Foldcountrygirl41 : FoldRay_Powers : Raise (25190)bztian : Call (1229.40)** Dealing Flop ** : [ 7s 7c 5c ]** Dealing Turn ** : [ 7h ]** Dealing River ** : [ Kd ]** Summary **Main Pot: 16258.80 | Rake: 0Side Pot: 17960.60 | Rake: 0Board: [ 7s 7c 5c 7h Kd ]bztian bet 7529.40, collected 16258.80, net +8729.40 [ 7d 4s ] [ four of a kind, sevens -- 7s 7h 7d 7c Kd ] player79 lost 300 mudflats lost 300 GCCinny lost 300 countrygirl41 lost 300 Ray_Powers bet 25490, collected 17960.60, net -7529.40 [ Jh Jd ] [ a full house, sevens full of jacks -- 7s 7h 7c Jh Jd ] bztian wins 16258.80 from the main pot with four of a kind, sevensRay_Powers wins 17960.60 from side pot #1 with a full house, sevens full of jacksRay

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Meh, bad beat certainly, but the player didn't do anything wrong. That's an easy call blind.
Oh definately, he was super short stacked and had to call anything. We laughed about it afterwards, he went out shortly after, and I followed when my pocket nine all in was called by j9 and the just spiked a jack, of course. :)It actually was a great tournament for me luck wise, just a horrible ending to finish it off. :)Ray
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