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new blog spot ideas?

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So, modblog is indeed blocking connections from Full Contact Poker, below is the e-mail exchange so far with them. Read from bottom up since its a forward of a forward etc.

Date:  Thu, 15 Sep 2005 08:01:01 -0700 (PDT)From: "Ray Powers"Subject: Re: Link to my blog being rejected (monkster.modblog.com)To: "John Smith"Poker Source online is the only one which has areferrer key, and it is not per click, but I could seeyou having an issue with that one. CardPlayer is anonline poker magazine that doesn't sell anythingexcept a published version of its magazine, and FullContact Poker is a blog and forum site for DanielNegrenau and doens't sell anything (unless you couldtshirts that say Full Contact Poker on them), so howare those problems?Full Contact Poker is a forum site primarily aboutpoker and not a gambling site per se, so I amconfused. They don't sell anything, and don't spamanything, so why would they be blocked? I will howevertake it by that answer that there is no intention offixing it?Ray  --- John Smith  wrote:> >> Several porn and gambling sites have been blocked by> the owners as  our members didn't like the referral spam  > they were  getting from them.>  > Also, I need you to remove the three Poker links in> your Links  section, they are considered Ads.  As stated>  in the FAQ (linked at the bottom of each page):>  > Am I allowed to have banners or Ads on my ModBlog?> Only if the ad is for goods or services that you own> and provide. We  do not allow members to add  > pay-per-click banners, referral ads or  banners, or any  > other type of advertisements for businesses>  >  > >> >> >> > From: Ray Powers> > Date: September 14, 2005 6:03:31 PM EDT> > To: abuse@modblog.com> > Subject: Link to my blog being rejected> (monkster.modblog.com)> >> >> > Hello!> >> > I have a link to my blog in my sig on the forums for> > www.fullcontactpoker.com. It has been brought to my> > attention that when someone clicks on my blog link in> > my sig, they get:> >> > This address has been forbidden from accessing this> > site due to referral spam. If you believe this to be> > in error, please e-mail us at abuse@modblog.com with> > the address of the site you followed the link from in> > order to reach this page.> >> >> >> > Can this be fixed?> >> > Ray> >
Basically, my feeling is quickly becoming that these people are in the "too stupid to live" category, and it's time to move my meager traffic elsewhere. My two original thoughts were either blogspot or to try to hit up Jayson Webber for blog space. Does anyone have any input for places, which they like better and why...Ray
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