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Barry is doing the commentary right now.
Which game are the crack heads playing?
50-100 NL
I am watching....it's like a train wreck....some horrible play....with a sprinkle of some really GOOD play....
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50-100 NL with a 5000 max buy-in.Diablo just got almost busted with A3 against KK.Flop AKx, aces bet, kk calls.Turn 3, aces bet 3000, kk raises to 9000, a3 gets basically all his money in.Big pot, and now the A3 guy went on a huge rush and is almost back to where he was.Esfandiari stopped by and did commentary.This is a pretty cool show, although the poker isn't great, I love the format/setup.The prop bets are interesting. A guy just one 6000 because the flop was JJ10.

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