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your own style or some one else's?

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This is so funny because earlier on stars some guy was talking about how he plays Huck Seed styles. "What kinda style is that? Lose your money styles?)But yea he was telling everyone at the table how he plays." I like to play the man. I will play any 2 cards in position, because position is SOOOO important. Ill fold big hands out of position like Ak QQ etc, Id rather be in position. Also Ill play 47suited to a raise before Ill play Aq to a raise... BLAH BLAH BLAH.AndrewBlack: I don't think HuckSeed plays like that.GUY: I don't really doit online, I can't really read people.AndrewBlack: oh ok.The guy didnt play one hand the short time I was at the table, wish I coulda stayed longer ^^^^^^^^

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