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well i guess i didn't need the railbirds...

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made the final table of an omaha h/l tourney on pokerroom...forgot to ask for the fcp cheering section...still won the tourney. first omaha tourney that i have ever won, made a good number of final tables though.Also I can't believe how playing heads up changes the way people play. The guy who got second was super agressive throughout the whole tourney,and once we got heads up he tightened up a lot.I started betting on the flop a majority of the time and picked up a lot of small pots, and played big pots when I thought I was a huge favorite. I bet out on the flop 15 straight flops and picked up the pot 12 times.has anyone else ran into this gift people changing their style to help your game when it gets heads up?

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Ive noticed that too.In a limit heads up match, this guy who was playing fairly decent at the final table fell apart when heads up.I basically lead out on every single flop and raised the large majority of hands.If he didnt make a pair or strong draw, he folded. If he made a small pair or draw, he called. If he made top pair or better, he raised. That same person never raised preflop with less than a premium hand, whereas when it was 4 handed, he was blind stealing every time he had the button basically. Doesnt make any sense really.

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