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tonights powerplayer freeroll

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now 5th in chips thanks to the following hand:ANTES/BLINDSbigpank posts blind ($800), clingfree61 posts blind ($1,600).PRE-FLOPWboxing911 calls $1,600, AJacx folds, PapaRed2005 folds, cbpo820 calls $1,600, dontrustme folds, rbeauchamp folds, FlopHunter folds, bigpank folds, clingfree61 checks.FLOP [board cards 10H,6H,6S ]clingfree61 checks, Wboxing911 checks, cbpo820 checks.TURN [board cards 10H,6H,6S,7H ]clingfree61 bets $3,200, Wboxing911 calls $3,200, cbpo820 bets $14,910 and is all-in, clingfree61 calls $8,422 and is all-in, Wboxing911 folds.RIVER [board cards 10H,6H,6S,7H,8H ]SHOWDOWNcbpo820 shows [ JH,KH ]clingfree61 shows [ 5H,4H ]cbpo820 wins $3,288, clingfree61 wins $32,044. PS--sorry, but I have never used the hand converter

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