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tourney question for smash

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Alright. I actually took the time to read EVERY single response. I'm going to give my opinion. But first, I do think it's ironic that some people say that tournaments are for suckers. When the guy who owns this site is arguably the most successful tourny player ever. I think it's safe to say that I'm better at cash games then tournaments. But that's because I have spent more time in cash games. Here are some of the reasons why someone should play a tournament as opposed to a cash game:Super competitiveSuper aggresivePoor money managememtAbility to take advantage of new/weak playersFearlessHuge overlayThese are just a few reasons to play tournaments. As far as poor money management goes, that can be a good thing for a tourny player. Because they can only lose their buy in. If a person is prone to going on tilt or steaming off his entire roll or playing higher then he should. Tournaments can be a great thing. I can't tell you how many people I know, who are now successful cash game players that created their BR from a tourny win. I personally love tournaments. But can't play as many events as I would like to. As far as luck goes. The simple truth is. There is luck in cash games and luck in tournaments. The key is to minimize luck in both arenas and maximize your edge. A no limit tourny is a great example. If I was at the table with Daniel, Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Johnny Chan, etc. Any way you slice it. I am a HUGE dog. I don't care how quickly or slowly the blinds are moving. Unless I get a Aces and Kings every hand, those guys will outplay me ALL the time. They're just better then me.It's sad that some people have the perception that tournaments are largely based on luck. Most of that comes from the media. People only get to see what the media feeds them. And they want everything to look exciting. I can tell you first hand, that there is nothing more exciting then being at the final table of a tournament when a lot of money is at stake.Don't knock till you've REALLY tried it. Good Luck.
Very nice touch.
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