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fantasy football- need 9 espn league

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ok..... here's the thing dumba$$.....We are poker players here. Our minds automatically assess the risk and reward of every investment.We don't just randomly go around throwing money away(at least all the smart ones here) Even Daniel Negreanu doesn't go around throwing money away.... He gambles, yes. that's clear... BUT he always takes positions where it is more fair (such as handicapping strokes in golf, or balls in pool) and where it is favorable for him to win, if he wins, will it be worth the amount he could lose?The answer for this is an obvious no. If I wanted an ESPN tshirt I'd buy one for $5. not risk $30 to win one, which I might not even get. I don't care if the site I play on is the most elite fantasy football league in the world. Because frankly, I'm not as competitive as you are, I don't have the time to idolize my fantasy football team and spend every free minute of the day making adjustments. so yes, I'd rather play on a site I'm not paying for, and then put my money somewhere else where it actually matters, I don't feel like dropping $30 just for some GAME where I'd be playing with idiots like you.....however! I have no problem dropping $30 to try and beat 9 other guys to win $300..... it's not that I'm cheap, it's not that I'm poor, it's that I know what and why to invest and I don't feel like wasting hard-earned money....and another thing.... Who cares if another quits trying, if he pays his money up front I don't care if they all quit whenever they want.... less for me to fight against.... So anyways, anybody who wouldn't mind playing on yahoo on a private FCP league where we'd each put up $30-50.... second could get his money back and the winner could take all the rest.... Just PM me or email or whatever..... If we get enough I'll set it up and we'll work it out.oh, man I guess I forgot the most vital part of the post.... the stupid flaming and kindergarten insults about cumming in your eyes.... and "your mom" and such...... oh well.... sometimes I prefer to post intelligently instead of as a 14 year old hornball kid.

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And even Daniel... Well Daniel does it too... Danny is Cool... Okay pull Dans Balls off your chin and tell him to uncover your eyes for my last post. I'll play for $300 or $3000, a t-shirt/banner is just bonus. Except I'll be driving to the dance in a Mercedes (ESPN).And you two Jizz Splashes can go Rub your helmets together and tongue each others buckeyes on the way to the dance, tandem riding on your moped (Yahoo).Can't believe you actually took time to type all that B.S. out. You queens are such my bitches. Penny Pinchen MF-ers!!!

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