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you won't believe this

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So i was sitting at my local bar here in town and it has free single table games every tuesday where you can win prizes. (sorry alabama doesnt allow legal gamblng) so flame yourself on the free playing. anywho on to the funny part.i was sitting at my table playing some cards when the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard a poker player say before. This girl says that sheis scared to play in casinos because she is not that good. She says that all the players at the 1-4-8-8 tables will call with anything. The guy to her left says well darling, if you ever play, just move up to a HIGHER limit like 3-6 where there are fewer calls. I pondered this for a second and asked the guy how in the heck is 3-6- higher that 1-4-8-8. He swore up and down that since the blinds at a 3-6 game are 1 and 3 and that at a 1-4-8-8 they are 1 and 2, the pots are always bigger in the 3-6 game. I couldnt believe this idiot. I obvioulsy tried to explain how he was wrong, but he swore that since the blinds were bigger, the pots had to be bigger.sorry for the long post, just had to flame the idiot at my table.

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Hey fryer,You better be careful here. You might hit 5000 posts before Sep 8-9, and how are you going to do the beer challenge when you have lit yourself on fire?Ray
So, you go and assume that lighting myself on fire will keep me from my everyday activities. You will learn, my friend, you will learn. :shock: :club:
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