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jeffgen's fcp logo contest weekend

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And just for the record:Against jason's wife, I had her down to like 3 big blinds, and came back to get AA two hands in a row with me having very playable hands each time, yadda yadda.  Against Jen, I think I was trying to run her over ( did I seriously try to run over JENNIFER HARMAN? ), so she was getting in extra bets when she had it cause she knew I would bet / raise etc.  She was also running lucky though.  The last hand we both had flushes and hers was bigger etc.  I think in one game anybody can win, but I know for a fact if we played 100 games she'd still smoke me at least 60-40, so Im not that dissapointed.about the rock paper scisors.. i was mad no one else brought their "gamble" with them.  at least, as much as I would have liked.  We did play HORSE for $5 a shot in daniels backyard ( was there even any grass in his yard? :D ) and I kept getting gayed...id make my shot and EVERYONE would make theirs after me, or someone would make one, everyone would make it but me etc.  Oh well, sock down $5 for horse, and then getting $5 back when I won teh rock paper scisors, -$20 playing Jen, $-100 ( profit... chris lash put up the $100 on me and jason's wife's game ) for her getting lucky :mad:, and +$750 for... well I can't say it because it might be incriminating :lol:Anyways it was a weekend of GREAT fun... I'd definatley play Jen different now that i've played her.  I wouldn't lay down, but I think id relax a little bit.  Its hard to run over a good player,and even harder to run over a good player whos running well... but I'll sock that one up to luck and a some stupidity on my part... but next time Jen... you better watch it :club:  I got it all figured out how I'll beat you :):D:)... I hope :D
I think this needs to be moved to the Bad Beat forum. :)
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