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slumps how do you get out of them?

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I'm certain everyone has been in a slump at sometime.I find that the best way to work through them is to review your play and figure out where your weaknesses may be and try to adjust accordingly. That alone won't get you out of a slump tho.Make sure you are not playing above your limts given the size of your bankroll. Make sure you are not bringing undo stress to the table/computer. If you are stressed or tired there is always another day to play.The one I find the most important is your attitude. If you come to the table worrying about just putting a win in the win colum, then you are destined to play less than optimally and take some chances that might need to be taken.Hope this helps.

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If you feel you are in a slump, do two things...first, take a little time off...be it a day, a week, whatever....2ndly, tighten up...play only superior hands, if you're playing lower limits, only play aa, kk, qq, jj, ak and maybe aq and just call with other pairs for a cheap flop...you're not losing any real money if you keep folding your blinds, so tighten up and take decision making out of the game for awhile. This way you won't be put in too many marginal situations where you'll feel your lack of confidence that could produce poor plays. By doing this you'll get your feet wet again, likely win money and you'll get your confidence back.

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