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did i play this correctly?

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Played in a small live tourney. I'm not sure if I played my final hand correctly.Went out in Level 6 ($200/$400). Half of the players had re-bought. I did not. No more re-buys were allowed.I had 3600 in chips.Dealt Q-9 in the BB.Two callers, SB folded.I checked.Flop came 5-Q-6 rainbow.I bet out $1000.First player foldsLast player raises to $2000I seriously thought about folding. It was a tough decision. I didn't think he had 2 overcards or a PP since there was no pre-flop raise. I was worried about a higher kicker or possibly 2 pair. I was hoping he was trying to push me out with a lower pair or an ace.I decided to call. (I'm thinking I should have just laid it down and waited for an easier decision, leaving me with 2200 in chips.)Flop brought King.With only $1200 left I went all in.Called and knocked out by Q-10.How would you have played this?Thanks*edited* to fix typo in chip figures.

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Its hard for me to answer the question of how would I have played it because I'm not sure how you were being seen at the table or what the other players at the table had been doing. However, I have to say I absolutely hate you calling off 2000 of 2200 total chips. After you bet on the flop and your opponent doubles your bet you are in a position to move in or fold, not call off all but 200 of your chips. Just remember and learn, the most expensive hand you play in No-Limit hold'em tournaments is the hand you play for free out of the big blind and end up getting broke because you catch a nice piece of the flop.

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