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winning poker personas: danny vs. phil

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I find it intruiging that two of the most successful poker players have such charisma that makes them the two (arguably) most entertaining to watch. I find it very strange that these two players (Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth) have never met heads up in a major televised tournament - and what a match it would be. Phil and Daniel have gone "beyond the felt" and expanded beyond just simply playing poker. Daniel and Phil have both shown themselves to be writers of journalistic quality in both diary-style entries (see cardplayer) and poker analysis. I find it very interesting that the most easy-to-watch players co-incidentally do the best (in tournies). Their personalities polar opposite. From both this website and Hellmuth's website we have gotten an insight into these two players personal opinions and lives (with feedback from tournies oin the form of blogs) Phil Hellmuth: My favourite parts of Phil's game are: his clarvoyant ability to put people on specific hands (seen as commentator in the old world series events) and in his live play. More important are the tantrums that Phil throws after enduring a bad beat. (He's just not afraid to say what we all secretly think after some a$$hole sucks you out) I love to see the other players reactions and the uneasiness it creates at the table. Daniel Negreanu: My favourite part of Daniel's game is his refusal to play "textbook" poker. People are starting to realise now that there is no point in waiting for aces, having them cracked and walking away feeling justified in getting knocked out because technically no mistake was made. I love outright refusal to give up blinds (also a feature of "devilfish" which I enjoy watching) Its also the "Mr.Nice Guy" approach Daniel takes...like an old-time hustler, he can take your money away and you'll still like the guy at the end of the night. I would love to see a heads-up match between these two titans of poker with all the flair of their personalities/egos and would love to see a major clash. The question is, with tabletalk, tempers, hustling and reading; on the day who would win???????????????

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