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success this weekend at the trop

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Sunday i had a slow, easy time netting $200 at 1-2 NL. Maybe i could have won more but i drank a bit too much.Monday i won $500 playing 1-2 nl. Then I finished 7th out of 100+ in the rebuy tournament, netting $238. I might have won it but it was a spectacular hand to knock me out, i had A9 on an A 9 2 flop and the woman in the pot with me had 99. Nothing i can do about that. Then at 5:15 to 9:30 am... I won the dealers vs players tournament and took down $1300 to cap off a session that lasted from 230pm--930am. One session, 2 final tables, 1 win.Then I woke up Tuesdayand won another $500 playing 1/2, unfortunately i had to leave before the 10k guarantee tournament.final tally: +2800. I usually dont post my results cuz really, who cares? But i am pumped I had an amazing three day run where i slept for a combined 10 hours and played as well as i did, especially in the tournaments.

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