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funny quotes from wsop nl event...enjoy

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The Secret of My SuccessLog: Antonio Esfandiari and T.J. Cloutier are at the same table in the early going of the shorthanded No-Limit Event. Esfandiari took the opportunity to ask, "T.J., what is the secret to your success." "Longevity," T.J. replied, "I'm still alive."Daniel Negreanu EliminatedLog: Daniel Negreanu and Haralobos Voulgaris got into a raising war preflop. Vulgaris showed A-K, and Negreanu showed pocket jacks. It was a short lived race, when the flop brought a king. Negreanu stood up immediately, before the turn card even came out, and said, "I can't never win a race no more. I suck." He didn't win the race, and is eliminated from competition.John Phan Gets ExcitedLog: No Limit Shorthanded: First to act, John Phan waited to see his second card and then instantly pushed all of his chips into the pot. Phan then stood up and said to the table, "I don't care, let's gamble. Let's go home, I don't care!" The opponent on his left pushed all in while saying "Alright, let's do it." Everyone else at the table, including Dave Colclough and Cyndy Violette, folded quickly. Phan turned over pocket 5's and his opponent had A-K. The board came 8-6-4-6-4 and Phan's gamble turned out for the best. Now sitting on a large chip stack, Phan has set the precedent for the day and put his opponents on notice that if you don't want to gamble, stay away from John Phan.The Professor Gives a Lesson in Time ManagementLog: Howard Lederer and Phil Hellmuth just had the following conversation: Lederer: Hey, Phil, Razz starts in 2 minutes. Hellmuth: I'm not thinking that way today. Lederer: Then you're not planning ahead, are you, Phil?

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