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things not to say at your girlfriend's family dinner

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OK,I was saving this story, but the "boo" called it out:I was with my girlfriend (now wife) and her brother/mom/dad on a shopping trip to a warehouse food place (Sams). As we went through the store they were grabbing six packs of corn, other bulk stuffs and asking each other, "split em?". I had a few beers in me before we journeyed out.We came to the bath items: 4 pack of toothpaste, "split 'em?" -- 10 pack of bar soap, "split 'em". Her dad tapped me on the shoulder to show me this box of Trojans, 24 pack.YEP! you guessed it... I said, "split 'em!?" :shifty: ... I think I might have burped too.Hilarity ensued.

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