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daniel out of the shootout

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Title: Negreanu OutLog: Negreanu makes it $125 to go, and gets 3 callers. The flop comes Kd-Jc-8s. It is checked around to Negreanu who moves all in for $1,325. One of the callers folds, and the action is on Seat 8. Seat 8 goes into the tank, staring at the flop. After about a minute and half, he pushes all of his chips in. The third caller folds, and Negreanu flips up Qh-10d for an up and down straight draw. Seat 8 shows Kc-Qs for top pair. Negreanu needs an ace or a 9 to make his straight. The turn brings the 7c, no help to Negreanu, and the river, another 7. Negreanu is sent home early. For those wondering if it was his nemesis from earlier who knocked him out - it was not- but he is still in the tournament. -----Don't both players have to call this for the pot odds to be even close to right here? And its a shoot out so its not like you need to build a big stack. You need to eliminate people.....I dunno, I'm just missing it, but I am an amateur. Why would he make this play here?

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