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was it danny nguyen or lucky nguyen

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Did anyone happen to catch last weeks world poker tour? While there was someone at the table by the name of Danny Nguyen.When I first realized he was lucky is when he was calling a bet of 100,000 by Gus Hansen with just an inside strait draw,after missing it on the turn he did hit it on the river taking down a 600,000 chip pot.Several televised hands later he was up agaisnt Men the Masters QQ with his J J.With the flop coming with no draws for either of them,a jack hit the turn along with a jack on the river for runner runner Quads.After knocking out Men he quickly went back to work by hitting trips on the river agaisnt Corey Szereznic,knocking him out.After knocking Men and Corey out both by getting lucky he went on a cold streak getting down to 250,000.When Danny found A :club: 7 :D in his hand he went all in agaisnt the local favorite Shandor who had A K. The flop was K 5 5 with no diamonds,Danny needed a literal miracle.As you might expect the turn was a 7 along with a 7 on the river.Along with some luck Danny took out Gus and Jay to take the tourny.This was the most amazing luck I have ever seen at a final table.

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He should have been out, but man did he get lucky. It was just his day I guess.

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