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daniel n. to take on "neverwin" in a $500,000 matc

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Who is neverwin?
Online 'pro' that plays on pokerstars quite a bit. High Limt Hold'em is his specialty. Has his own website at http://www.neverwinpoker.com/
Guys like this never show up........all talk and no show. Check around and see if he ever has played anyone in a real life match. Forgot the online bs as that can all be faked.
Neverwin has played joe cassidy HU and 3-handed 1k/2k at commerce, I believe. He also played the 400-800 game in aruba last year.
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I have not had the pleasure of playing with DN. I have played with NW. I have no comments regarding their skill other than to say I have just made a wager with someone I know and have wagered with in the past. I have wagered $20K on DN to win each match they play. The game is irrelevant. 8)

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Well you just gave your two cents to Jerry's kids buddy, if I may quote DN for a second here.
I saw the kid tonight. he dropped by to watch Barry amd me for a little while. Yet another limit hold'em internet whiz kid *sigh* :roll: :club:
I don't know if you can recognize sarcasm when you see it fort, but when you *sigh*, emote an EYE roll and laugh, that's the sign of someone showing a complete lack of respect of whoever he is referring too.
I don't know Nick... I read that as DN laughing at himself and the situation. I mean he's essentially called out the worlds best and he getting a couple of 'surprise games'. The thing an arrogant schmuck would do is write off these 'lesser knowns' and I think he is sarcastically doing that and then laughing as he knows these guys will give him as good a game as any of the 'popular' best.It doesn't seem in DN's nature for him to put anyone down that can't defend themselves.By that I don't mean that neverwin can't defend himself on the tables, I think he will have an excellent chance and DN would be the first to agree that taking him for granted would be a mistake.By 'defending himself' I mean DN is aware he has a big media machine and people hanging off his every word. neverwin doesn't have this at his disposal, so a pre match weiner-waving contest would be incredibly unfair. Thus I can't see DN starting one.However, the likes of Greenstein, Sklansky and Hellmuth all have their own media presence and he sees needling them as fair game :wink: Try rereading the quote above without malice coming from Daniel and I think you'll be closer to the truth.
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i don't understand how vehemently some of you are defending a guy you've never met.
Have you ever met DN?Neverwin is to online headsup limit poker what Spirit rock is to online NL poker.He will throw raw agression at Daniel, but switch gears at the right time. imo it will be a coinflip. But, I think Neverwin is a better player than Joe Cassidy. However, DN knows agression very very well, so I think he will adjust to it well. That is why I think he is a coinflip, and not a dog like most pros would be vs neverwin.As for why 500k when he is only putting up 200k, several reasons I'd guess. People saying 200k is all of neverwin's BR, that is completely false I'm sure. I watched him take over 30k from Thunder Keller about 2 or 3 days ago in about 30 minutes. He has large wins at the 300/600 heads up very often. Daniel is wealthy, sure, but 500k is a decent percentage of his BR. That won't affect DN very much, but he will take the game more seriously than if it was only a 200k match. And most likely neverwin is hoping if the match is 500k DN will hesitate for a bit before he starts playing back at neverwin. I doubt this will work on DN though. NW is pretty good at realizing when someone is standing up to him and switching to tight though. It will be a great match I imagine.
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