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Diary of a PLO5 cashgame player

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Good morning poker players.

I'm going to make a diary about my game routine here.
I've been playing PLO5 for about 3 years now and I feel like the time has come to share a bit of my story.
I tried to make a topic similar to this one last year, and even though the forum here is practically dead, I'm going to start writing my diary now.

I'm a student at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, I've played up to blinds 15-30, regularly 10-20 and 5-10, and at the moment I'm playing micro tables because my focus at the moment is not financial, it's just keeping myself during college, my goal is to graduate and get a normal job outside of poker and take poker as a hobby.

I'm 32 years old and I don't have a higher education degree, although I've already started some, and since I've been in the poker world since I was 13-14 years old, I think it's time to worry about the future and go in search of new life prospects. As much as I love poker, I can't see myself just playing poker for the rest of my life.

I will post my results here daily. My goal is simple, it is to earn at least 5 thousand reais per month.

At the moment I'm playing tables between 0.20/0.40 to 0.30/0.60R$ +- 0,04/0,08 - 0,06-0,12$ on the sites: PPPoker, SupremaPoker, ******* and GGpoker.

Good luck to us all!

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Good afternoon,

Recording yesterday's results here now.

On PPPoker I earned 190.77 reais which is equivalent to 39.57 USD plus 3.33 USD in rakeback.
On KKpoker I lost 11.42 USD, and I got about 1.50 in rakeback.
I played very little at GGpoker, there I won only 1.50$

Total income for the day was 34.48 USD, good for a start.

I played very little, I could have played more, but it's part of it. Unfortunately today I didn't play almost anything because the apartment's neighbors are renovating and the noise was great during the day, at the moment I'm getting ready to play now (late afternoon) until midnight.
Tomorrow I will post today's results.
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Good night players...

I will post today my results from last week, it was a relatively good week,

Monday and Tuesday were bad days, but I managed to win every other day.

Let's go.

GGpoker: -22 dollars
KKpoker: -$7.48 in-game, +6.08 rakeback
PPPoker: +13.84 BRL in-game, +107.62 BRL rakeback = 25.41 USD
SupremaPoker: 629.75 BRL in-game + 66.20 BRL rakeback = 145.60 USD
Americas Cardroom: +$5.33 in-game

Last week's total balance: $152.94 positive, close to the average target I aim to achieve.

An important note to make is that at the beginning of the week I was still having personal problems
affecting my game quality, these issues have already been resolved and I believe I will succeed
perform with better quality during the coming weeks.

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Last week's summary:

PPPoker: +46.9 BRL (9.83$), rakeback: 7.09 BRL (1.48$)
Suprema Poker: +725.58 BRL (152.11$) rakeback: +416.74 BRL (87.36$)
GG Poker: +- -18$
VBET Poker: +31.63 EUR (34.50$)

A total of approximately $264.41 in profit at the tables.

Let's do it, next Monday I will post the results of this week.

Comments about last week's game: I liked my performance but I think it could be better, last night I lost about 100 dollars playing very wrong on Suprema Poker and it frustrated me a lot. Now it's time to keep a balanced mind and move on to this week's work.

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