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Oh, I finally get it now!

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I don't know why it took me so long.

Jesus is christian people's hero/idol/role model because they want to be like him. Always having the correct answer, lecturing others, somtimes in cool riddles or using numerology. Free of sin while everyone else are sinners. Well, not free from sins, but they don't have to ask the people they hurt for forgiveness, Jesus gives them that and accepts them just as they are. No need to change, no reason to evolve forward, no use for human relations, Jesus is all you need.

This hero died for us, yet he lives, so you get to eat the cake and keep it at the same time. Both the ultimate sacrifice (martyrdom), dying for all humanity (of course, dying for one or a couple of persons wasn't enouh), and the ultimate reward, ever lasting life. I also suspect that christians have wet dreams about the bible passage "go out and make all people disciples". Imagine preaching Jesus to someone, then sitting in the audience when he talks about how his life changed, wow. I'm uncertain about the scoring system, but I think that a converted moslem is worth more than an alcoholic. Perhaps gay people are somewhere in between.

And the miracles... my mother loves to talk about when she was so burnt out and tired, and her flowers got watered by themselves. Interestingly, she never asked me or my sister to help her do it. When the bread never seemed to run out in a church meeting is another favourite story. Dude, the store is 1 km away, just get in the car and buy more for two-three dollars. Sitting on the bed with your mother, ten years old, and listening to her tell a story about a guy that prayed to God, and suddenly a man with an axe materialized beside him, is not very nice either.


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