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the worst beat of my young life

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y push all in ur only goin to get called by one of the hands u fear. just call lose less.
lol i wish i had now, but what would u do with that full house, i think the majority of players would have gone all in , and even if i had called and lost i probably would have been gone soon anyway with only like 20 chips left and blinds on 2/4. But thanks all for the feedback :-)
I find it hard to believe you have digested the TOP and moved all in on the river. Please go back and reread the chapter on "Heads Up on the End". Even if it wasn't heads up, the same concept applies. Note that you only get called when beat here. Also, I think I would raise the flop, and push on the turn. I don't see the point of smooth calling the flop when there was a bet and a call in front of you. You are already getting action, so just be happy with it. And when you raise, raise, don't put in any of this min raise crap. Raise 2-3 x big blind. Sheeeshh...two years....Big up to the underage gamblers though....
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