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Daniel vs Hellmuth High Stakes Duel

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Being an old-school mediocre tournament player from back in the golden years(a little later than when Moneymaker entered ->) this is a very interesting heads-up.
I listened with interest what Daniel said upfront regarding this duel on some podcast somewhere else in here. 
He found no reason to fear Phil at all- on the contrary he was convinced he had an edge. One important factor Daniel emphasized was his willingness to always learn,
always stay on top of his game- noticing what the new young grinders focused on etc, while Phil always somewhat bluntly states his 'self-made' game will always stay
on top of everybody. 
Now, Phil is no pushover and certainly no fool, so personally I look upon such statements as part of his brat image. Phil is one of very few tourny specialists out there
that has kept his head over water from before the golden age to this day. He is a dinosaur, albeit a successful one.
Personally I have always been a big fan of his tournament game, being the first to admit  he can be a big p..k up the ass at the table sometimes- extremely annoying,
unpolite, etc etc
Phil may have peaked, but his astute,uncanny ability to scalp on weaker players during all phases of tournaments I have always admired.

CG is another matter. There are quite a few highrollers out there that are better than him in that departement. He will never admit it of course, but he was always in trouble
against guys like Chip Reese, Ted Forest, Todd Brunson, Daniel, Antonio, Patrick etc etc
All the best with these HU-games Daniel, us old rink-rats love'em :)


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