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Should you bluff on a multi-hand pot with an all in?

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My friends and I have been discussing this for some time now and we are all wondering if there is ever a time when in a poker tournament a player should bluff on a multi-hand pot with an all-in. To clarify, I am talking about when there 3 or more players in a pot with one of them being all-in in a tournament as I know cash games are different. So what if in this scenario there's a side pot, no side pot, what if the side pot is more then you have remaining and you know you can bluff the other player, what if the side pot is half your stack, you are on the bubble, in the middle of the tournament or you are already in the money. Is there any scenario where it is ok to bluff and is there scenario where it's not ok to bluff? Most books I've read on poker tournaments, it's more important to eliminate players as it is to accumulate chips as the chips have no value in tournaments and eliminating players gets you closer to the money and up the money ladder if you are already in the money. Thoughts Daniel Negreanu?

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Every situation is different.

If there is no side pot and you have 7 high it's useless to bluff.

If there is a large side pot and a small main pot and you can move the other player then a bluff is warranted.

Unless the tourney is a bounty tourney early on in a large tourney knocking out other players doesn't really give you personally much value. The chips you get from knocking them out are what matter.  Deep in the money of course knocking out a player and moving up a spot in the money can be more valuable than any chips you might get from a small pot.

I guess I'm saying "it depends".

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