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5 - 6

Buy in: 25,000

Multi table tournament (MTT) (min. 10 players) so payout: 1234


Cash games (short is (5 x) deep is (4 x))




Because business is business ... and there is 25% of diamonds ... you get it?

A is alive

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Here in Helsinki (Finland) casino offer 1/1 and 5/5 games ... hahah killing joke!

We need people to keep cash game alive.


4 "Rich" heir and hes Persian carpet.

3 "Gotham city gangsters" in garage.

2 Poor & fast in streets! 

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My family needed emergency cash when moving across the state; it took more billable hours with the moving company, and we couldn’t hold off paying that bill any longer. So that was that. My husband looked up a service comparing lender fees (check the linked internet page) and picked the best of those who were willing to approve. Worked well, but we had to pay almost $90 in fees and that sucked.

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