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A few years back I belonged to a site called pokerVR.com.    It was run by Daniel and he had lots of other poker stars on there sharing videos with wisdom and insights into their play styles.  He had Annette Oberstrad on there and Jason Somerville and a whole bunch more. You could watch full videos of tournaments and also see Daniels Small Ball class and also a mathematics class. 

my question is this.   

WHAT HAPPENED???   Its just GONE now and I want to sign up again and watch some of them players as well as brush up on some mathematics. 

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Daniel was the face of the site but it was run by other people and the site closed down a few years ago.

Jason Somerville is one of the most prolific streamers today through his Run It Up site.   https://runitup.com/

Daniel has a lot of free strategy content in his youtube channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0w4AA42ItXQEb9aZld87-w

Daniel has a new strategy series at Masterclass if you're looking for something to subscribe to.  https://www.masterclass.com/classes/daniel-negreanu-teaches-poker


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