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Survivor 39 - Island Of The Idols

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Hey Guys,


Wednesday is the premier of Survivor, looking to get everyone signed up tomorrow and do the draw a day early. I will be doing a major upgrade to the forum, possibly as early as Wednesday this week so it might be inaccessible for a day.


Just need confirmation of those who are in and then I will ask for payment.


$25 entry x 10 = $250 Prize Pool

1st Place = $200 2nd & 3rd get their buy in back.


Please post here if you are in!




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Ok for now I'm going to run the draft with Bob and I each purchasing 3 slots and if someone wants in after or if someone wants to buy a 2nd pair from us they can as I haven't heard back from everyone.


Everyone will randomly get 1 random female and male player and I'll use https://www.random.org/lists/ to assign a number to each contestant:


1. Gov

2. Bob

3. Babying

4. brvheart

5. SAM_Hard8

6. Gruven

7. Gov2

8. Bob2

9. Gov3

10. Bob3


Randomized list of contestants:


1 Molly Byman

2 Elaine Stott

3 Chelsea Walker

4 Karishma Patel

5 Lauren Beck

6 Missy Byrd

7 Janet Carbin

8 Kellee Kim

9 Elizabeth Beisel

10 Noura Salman


1 Jason Linden

2 Dean Kowalski

3 Dan Spilo

4 Ronnie Bardah

5 Jamal Shipman

6 Vince Moua

7 Jack Nichting

8 Tom Laidlaw

9 Tommy Sheehan

10 Aaron Meredith

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1. Gov: Molly Byman, Jason Linden

2. Bob: Elaine Stott, Dean Kowalski

3. Babying: Chelsea Walker, Dan Spilo

4. brvheart: Karishma Patel, Ronnie Bardah

5. SAM_Hard8: Lauren Beck, Jamal Shipman

6. Gruven: Missy Byrd, Vince Moua

7. Dubey: Janet Carbin, Jack Nichting

8. Bob2: Kellee Kim, Tom Laidlaw

9. Gov2: Elizabeth Beisel, Tommy Sheehan

10. SAM_Hard8: Noura Salman, Aaron Meredith



Full cast can be found here if you want to read up on your picks: https://www.cbs.com/shows/survivor/cast/

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7 hours ago, SAM_Hard8 said:

Karishma might be the most irritating contestant ever.  I so want her gone but I don't want to see her at Ponderosa!

They should want to bring her to final 3 since she won't win.

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