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Trump Admin Gives Huge Donor Adelson What He Wants

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Totally because Sheldon Adelson doesn't like online gaming including poker the Trump DOJ has reversed a previous DOJ opinion that the Wire Act only covers sports betting. This might put the existing online poker in the US in some trouble.


The below link from Washington Post exposes the hypocrisy and the bought DOJ opinion.


Justice Department decision to issue legal opinion long sought by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson draws criticism

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Below is a 2014 quote from former Las Vegas mayor Jan Jones regarding Adelson's efforts to outlaw online gambling:


“It is unfortunate, when an industry {gaming} undermines itself,” said Jan L. Jones, a former mayor of Las Vegas who is now the head of government relations at Caesars Entertainment, which is opposed to the bill. “This fight is tarnishing the entire {gaming} industry. You just raise a whole specter of negativity that I think is unfortunate and inappropriate, after we have spent the last three decades with a message that gaming is just entertainment enjoyed by responsible adults.”



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