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2018 Nhl Playoffs

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Nice try. Serge Jinxes don't work if they are intentional.


I’ve actually being quite sincere. I’ve realized it’s bizarro world.

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I think Fleury has been great, and the last thing I want to do is take something away from him, but no way this is a case of a team riding a hot goalie to wins. This team is ridiculously good at.....I

NSH over COL in 5 WPG over MIN in 5 VGK over LAK in 6 ANA over SJS in 6   NSH over WPG in 7 ANA over VGK in 6   NSH over ANA in 5   TBL over NJD in 4 TOR over BOS in 6 PIT over PHI in 6 C

ahh, playoff time, time to curl into a ball on the couch and rock back and forth nervously for 3 hours each night until the Leafs and the Wild are eliminated.

Lot of people are blaming Fleury, which is ridicolous IMO..


The defence has been really letting him down and the Knights cant stop the cross ice pass that is making Fleury look like he is out of position.


Kuznetsov has been just unbelievable and deserves to be the Conn Smythe winner if the score holds. Ovy has also been great and he probably gets it if the series is wrapped up on Thursday.


Its a shame more people arent behind the Caps..

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Man, this series. Caps doing a really good job of keeping the Knights from getting any speed or making any passes. Meanwhile, they score on like 100% of their chances. Heck of a performance so far.

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Even though we are die hard Leaf fans. Otto and I 2nd favorite team are the Capitals because of the cousins


Good to see Ovy lift the Cup

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