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Casino Owner Says He Was Tired, Drunk When He Lost $3M In Poker Game

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Casino Owner Says He Was Tired, Drunk When He Lost $3M In Controversial Poker Game


Leon Tsoukernik Seeking Over $10M In Damages Against Matt Kirk



Daniel Negreanu‏Verified account


1h1 hour ago

More Daniel Negreanu Retweeted Doyle Brunson

The "I was too drunk" excuse is such horseshit. Besides, this is the SECOND time this guy stiffed someone! He stiffed Elton Tsang also, and didn't even cry drunk that time. Total horseshit. If you don''t want to make bad decisions drunk, don't drink. Period.


In THIS instance he says he was too drunk. In the other in Barcelona he claimed cheating with no evidence other than his opponent made a good call against him. What a total scam. This man just can't be trusted to pay his debts. Clearly.

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