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The Sick Thread - Poetry Edition

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So I told my boss I had to stay home

because I was having some plummers come and fix


my apartment.



I would have said I was sick, but I exausted that excuse


last month.



Anyway, long story short,

I'm being useless from home today.

Come celebrate my




in with me!


I'll be watching tv in my underwear.


Right now I'm watching this infomercial for the Magic Bullet.

Anybody else seen this thing?

It's amazing!




I think I should let you all know that I'm not wearing a shirt








Just putting it out



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An Accidental Flinch


Okay but here's what I don't get

On your head

you have a solid surface

It doesn't move


it doesn't change shape



Not so much the case with your scrotal sac

One accidental flinch



and you have 18 3/4 blades of pure titanium scraping across skin

that is paper thin

and without a real permanent shape



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her eyes were cold and restless

his wounds have almost healed

and she'd give half of texas

just to change the way he feels


she knows his loves in tulsa

and she knows he's gonna go

well it aint no woman, flesh and blood

it's that damned old rodeo


well its bulls and blood

its dust and mud

it's the roar of the sunday crowd

it's the white in his knockles

the gold in the buckle


he'll win the next go round

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I drink

and drink

and drink


not often

but enough



and still









you fucking people








i drink infrequently these days



but when i do


i drink





still not enough


to dumb me down





..................................................................................... which is the point





to dumb me down
















to tolerate

you god damn people

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if you were me and i were you

then what's a forum left to do?


all the talent in one place

winning every single race


loving long and hard and true

if you were me and i were you

then what's a forum left to do?


all will bow before the king

kneeling down to kiss his ring

submitting to his iron will

not one drop of blood shall spill


for the once and future king is here

and there is nothing left to fear

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I don't think you want to go to war with me. The only one who can stand up to a bully like you is a bully like you, and I'm probably you.



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Then I Realized


Then I realized

that nobody here even wanted me here


Remembering Napa's collage of posts

wondering where I was when I was in the hospital

one thing that jumped out at me

was some comment about being too dumb


or whatever


to even care or notice

I was being Jeepstered for the longest time


Brvy claims to be



the godly one





but was probably the biggest ass to me of anyone

until recently


Napa goes from being a dick to not a dick constantly

then theres Thera and hank....

Cobalt seems cool and SA,

while I wanted to believe we were cool

I think he just fell on the thread sword to be nice to me


to keep me around


and the thread somewhat alive

since I added some


content at least






So finally

after how every many years

I have taken the hint

that I'm not welcome


and will not be posting



going forward.




Good luck Napa


moves like that are good for the soul

SA, get the hell out of the apartment

and have a life man

Thera, burn in hell

Hank, good luck with the blonde

Ron, keep on keeping on




Best to your wife and dogs


Cobalt, congrats on the healthy kids


and marriage, Run good



Brvy keep up the Sunday Christian gig



it fits you well





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That still stings, but it definitely belongs here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Don't tell me how to live my life.



What the hell did y'all do to tilt? That shits depressing. I love you tilty baby. And I'm actually cool in real life, compared to these folks.


Wanted to use another f word but I don't know how to swear anymore.

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Essay, doing what he do, and I'm ok with it


I expected more adventures from Napa in the new city. Maybe a trip to Prince's place, or whatever else there is up there. Enjoyed the lake story. Let's keep it rolling. Get busy while gettin busy


I have nothing for the rest of you. I'm a lethargic fellow these days. I can't create the urge to workout after work. I'm always tired, or content on being lazy. It's not good.


I don't even try to play golf a lot, because it's hot and takes a long time. I like my house, I like my stuff and I like my dogs. I'm a simple man. I like a lollipop in my mouth and a finger in my ass.


I gotta get to it though, I'm too fat and out of shape. I know I breath harder at stuff that didn't faze me before. Maybe this will be the week


I am getting a massage this Saturday, my first, for 90 minutes. That should be exciting.

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