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Hello...Stanley here.


I am very excited to create my network here and to update myself with lots of information. I am here because I love to play poker and baccarat. I want to play more casino games but I am not much aware of the rules and strategies. Can anyone suggest me that which other game I should try and why?

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Hi everyone. I am also new to here. I like maths and poker, which is good because they go hand-and-hand. :) :) :)


Does anyone have any advise as to what other games might involve maths that I may enjoi? I've thought about blackjack, but I'm afraid to be called a rasist.


Also, does anyone know how to make close with girls? I am a virgin and there is a girl I met at my local donuts shoppe whom I would like to inseminate her body holes, but I do not know how to make talk with women. What should I say? Do women like maths?


There is a total eclipse today. Stay safe.

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Thanks for stopping by, Spade Man. First, math is for losers. When you play poker play from your gut and bluff the shit out of some nerd. Second, black jack isn't racist, it's transphobic. Third, women are the worst. I stay away from them completely and I'm doing just fine in life and other things.

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