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The Trump Presidency Thread

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He misses me so he's trying to fill the void with a sugar substitute ( that's you suited )

I've had it.   He did not ****ing dispute the story   He made a statement about things that weren't in the ****ing story which means he confirmed the ****ing story.   Jesus Jumping Jimmeny Chris

he should throw a gay person off a building while he's there or kill someone for drawing a cartoon. really get into the spirit of being a muslim.

yup, was all the Antifa's fault




Really Bob..............I do not know of any one on this site who are defending skinheads, kkk, white nationalist and not admiting that they are terrorists and bad dudes that do bad things. But Antifa are also terrorists. But of course the MSM cannot acknowledge their existence because it does not fit there narrative.


To bad the police and official did not do their job.


I wished Jimmy Fallon would go on and two a two minute stint on Atifa, how he wants to protect his kids from that extremism. Naw, that is not going to happen, if it did his family would be attacked unmercifully.


Thanks Dubey........... Yes, the antifa or whatever are also evil pieces of shit..............totally agree.

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What both sides, antifa and ws, want is violence.

They want to be attacked to claim victim status, and they want to attack to show their commitment to their crazy beliefs.




The media wants violence so they can make 'heroic' reporting to gain awards and ratings.


Politicians want to virtue signal and demand they be reelected to save everyone from the other guy.


If we can just get both sides to attack the press and politicians, them it could be a win/win/win/win/win

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75%of network news was on Trump's speech.

100% at CBS


They don't understand that Trump isn't a lay down and apologize for things he doesn't need to republican.


They are stuck on the words Dog Whistle like they are vindicated while Trump is pointing out what we all see.


Antifa is a violent leftist group of anarchist who need to get locked up.


When you put violent idiots next to racist idiots, you are going to get expected results. Meanwhile the Trump brigade is getting ready to handle Antifa if the police won't. /pol/ is on them, social media is on them, and even a puff piece by CBS ain't going to fool anyone. Violence is what they want, and they are going to find out the hard way that violence goes both ways.


Would not surprise me to see this kid's story quietly disappear when the "he was scared" defense starts. Add in his medication and the media isn't going to get the win they think they are, which is to tie the racist label around Trump's neck.


Only the sheep will buy that.

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The international community is yet again sounding the alarm on ethnic violence in the United States under the new regime of President Trump. The latest flash point occurred this past weekend when the former Confederate stronghold of Charlottesville descended into chaos following rallies of white supremacist groups protesting the removal of statues celebrating leaders of the defeated Confederate states. The chaos turned deadly when Heather Heyer, a member of the white ethnic majority who attended the rally as a counterprotester, was killed when a man with neo-Nazi sympathies allegedly drove his car into a crowd.


Trump, a former reality television host, beauty pageant organizer and businessman, rose to political prominence by publicly questioning the citizenship of the United States’ first black president, Barack Obama. Since his election, Trump has targeted Muslims, refugees, Mexicans and the media. He has also advocated for police brutality. These tactics have appealed to and emboldened white ethno-nationalist groups and domestic terrorist organizations.


After Charlottesville, Trump has largely refused to unequivocally condemn the actions of the white supremacist groups. In a shocking news conference Tuesday, Trump, fuming after consuming hours of cable television, doubled down on blaming “both sides” for the weekend’s violence. His remarks garnered praise from a former leader of a white terrorist group known as the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville,” Duke said on Twitter.



Beyond Trump’s coddling of white extremist groups, the emboldening of white supremacists and neo-Nazis raises questions about the state of the United States’ democracy 152 years after its brutal civil war over the rights of the white ethnic majority in its southern region to enslave members of the black ethnic minority. After the Charlottesville turmoil, more protests are expected around the country against the removal of Confederate monuments.


“Culturally, Americans are a curious lot,” said Andrew Darcy Morthington, an United Kingdom-based commentator who once embarked on a two-year mission trip to teach rural American children and therefore qualifies as an expert on U.S. affairs. “Donald Trump’s campaign message was that he would make America great again, and that there would be so much ‘winning.’ If America cares about being great, why has it fought so hard to keep monuments to the Confederate losers and enslavers?”



“The worst thing Britain ever did was letting go of our colony and thinking Americans were capable of governing themselves without eventually resorting back to tribal politics,” said Martin Rhodes, a shopkeeper in London. “I can’t believe a once-great empire would threaten everything it has built over generations just because a group of people give in to racism and xenoph…” Rhodes’s voice trailed off as he stared wistfully at a silent Big Ben.


Experts are also linking the weekend violence to the scourge of domestic terrorism carried out by white males, who have carried out almost twice as many mass attacks on American soil than Muslims have in recent years.


“This is the time for moderates across the white male world to come out and denounce violent racial terrorism, white supremacy and regressive tribal politics,” said James Charlotin, a Canadian national security expert. “Why haven’t they spoken out?”


European leaders have offered to convene the first-ever Countering Violent White Male Extremism (CVWME) summit somewhere in Europe, but critics have pointed out that Europe was the original exporter of many of the same colonial and white supremacist ideologies that have fueled misery all over the globe.


The Trump regime, which has failed to deliver on much of its legislation promises, is governing in a country awash in guns, where the maternal mortality rate, alcoholism and opioid drug use are on the rise.


“This is just a recipe for entrenched disaffection from the state and further isolation and radicalization of American white males,” Charlotin said.


“The Americans on both sides of the political spectrum like to talk about identity politics, or white identity,” said Mustapha Okango, a Kenyan anthropologist based in Nairobi. “The Americans like to lecture us and other Africans about keeping tribalism out of our politics and putting country ahead of our ethnic groups. America’s institutions are strong. But when I saw the images of those white men in polos carrying Party City tiki torches and weapons, it’s pretty clear American white tribal politics are alive and well, explicitly fueled by President Trump’s regime. White supremacy doesn’t just hurt blacks or other minority groups, it hurts the whole country. Take it from us Kenyans, it’s a dangerous recipe. We had hoped better for America.”

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This is the rejection of post-modernism, though. It's absurd to say things like:

“I can’t believe a once-great empire would threaten everything it has built over generations just because a group of people give in to racism and xenoph…”

... while ignoring factual context. During our cultural apogee (probably the mid-late 1960's), we were barely out of legal, systemic segregation, the completely insane narratives of post-modern social science academia were nowhere to be found and any given Asian on a television show was as likely to look like this...




... as anything else.


What made American "great" was not "diversity". To the contrary, our cultural decline has corresponded pretty precisely with changing demography (which is not necessarily causal, although it's definitely reflective of certain things) and now that we're reaching super-duper Diversity Enrichment Level 32 levels, the shitshow ensues.


People who are wondering 'why now' , as far as a pretty unapologetic white backlash, as far as hordes of people tearing down statutes of Confederate memorials and now targeting anyone who was a 'slave owner' when such things were waved off as an absurd slippery-slope fallacy not 5 years ago, need only look at this graph and understand what 'tipping point' means, because we're crossing one. Now.




Whether we Brazilian'ize peacefully or with some kind of strife is to be seen. We no longer enjoy the luxuries of detached idealism. Our demographic bomb just went off. As this continues, more and more fringe losers (left and right) will commit more and more anti-social acts in the name of their identity politic. The left will say that you're being oppressed and join them in the fight against the oppressors. The right will say that if we don't "stop the thugs" now and stand up for "civilization", there will be nothing left "for our children" (all codewords for the barbarians at the gate)

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What's more likely?


America elected a Nazi sympathizer who let his daughter marry a Jewish man and convert and raise Jewish grandchildren?


Or the left has failed miserably in making up a believable "Russia Did It" story stick, so they are just changing tactics?



If you picked a, you are a victim of mass hysteria.


Seek help, but know that it is probably too late.

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Lost on all this is the insane 1984esque plans of the left to revise history and tear down statutes, because when the Democrats were erecting them, they erected them to symbolize their hated of blacks people, not honoring a general who fought for his state.


ISIS is also tearing down statutes, as did the Taliban before them.


So they are in solidarity with a fun group of people.


Going to be funny to watch their faces when this philosophy is carried towards is logical conclusion.


The party in power gets to control what we can read and write.

With the future of the Democrat pay so completely in shambles...I'm kind of okay with my side using the left's tactics with the full weight of the government behind it.

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Why does it have to be a Nazi sympathizer? Why can't it be that the US elected an idiot who has lived his entire life inside a bubble of wealth and privilege devoid of the realities of oppression or racism that exist in the daily lives of many Americans and therefore can't grasp the importance of denouncing those who seek to oppress?


You don't have to be an overt racist to be promoting racism. Ignorance works just as well sometimes.

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The number of actual racist in America is probably under 50k


The number according to liberal expediency is probably 50 million.



Which is why the label racist has lost all meaning and is ignored.



And 'Trump is literally Hitler' is not a meme over exaggerating a point, it's what was actually said by many after Trump soundly defeated the best the Democrats could run after rigging their own election.


It's tired, it's false, and it's powerless.


Which is why Trump's poll numbers are as low as they were the night he won the election.

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Why can't it be that the US elected an idiot who has lived his entire life inside a bubble of wealth and privilege devoid of the realities of oppression or racism that exist in the daily lives of many Americans and therefore can't grasp the importance of denouncing those who seek to oppress?


Who is oppressing who?


The 'oppression theory' is interesting as it takes little anecdotes and tries to extrapolate it into a prevailing thesis that just doesn't scale.


So, fact: young black dudes are waaaaaaaaaaaaay more likely to be pulled over in a traffic stop for a BS reason than an old white lady.


This does not adequately explain why they're statistically less likely to have an IQ over 110 or go to engineering college than a random Chinese immigrant but if you listen to the left, the reason they're not astronauts is because someone in Oklahoma said the N word. This argument tacitly admits that blacks lack the agency to succeed or accomplish anything on their own and they're basically permanent pets of white people with good intentions who intent to live their lives in dutiful service to their well being... because otherwise, racism.


It's just ****ing ridiculous, but that's a huge core of the modern left.

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I really have no interest in debating with you the existence of institutional racism and racial oppression in this country.


I've heard your reverse racism bit plenty of times already.

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It's not a debate you can win with better facts.


That's how most 'institutional racism' proponents roll. They think that saying the term itself constitutes a valid argument without a need for any factual or logical support.


It's one of those things where maybe 5% of it is true. The other 95% is not true and just irrational hysteria.

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But since caring about racism is the important thing, facts and results are irrelevant.


Women on the view talking about Mexican immigrants say: "Who's going to clean your toilets" if they are deported.


Government program under Clinton to fight black youth crime by keeping the basketball courts open till midnight.


Democrat party says that getting a government ID is too hard for black voters so it should be illegal to require them.


Trump points out that both sides of the conflict in Charolettesville had good people and bad people and the left says Donald Trump supports Nazis.


There is no need for rational discourse when rational thought is not required to be a liberal.

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State senator chick called for the assassination of Trump on twitter, then figured out she committed felony, so someone on her staff made up a fake twitter account and wrote the n word a bunch of times on her feed, then deleted the fake account.


So she's now a victim.


A stupid victim who will be out of work soon, but a victim.

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