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Glad your Cubs won last year. Have friends from Chicago, probably most loyal fans in America.


Can you believe it is Friday, normally a day to dump things you want to go under the radar. But today it has been like the old west shootout at the ok corral.

Every one got into the act.


Photo contradicts Pelosi's statement about not meeting Kislyak



I'm confused, are you posting that to point out how ridiculous it was or do you really believe that photo contradicted her response?


That response was 100% towards if she ever had a one on one meeting with him. Being in the same room as someone along with 20+ other people doesn't qualify as having "met with him."


That photo proves nothing other than how Republicans and Trump can't understand the difference between a publicized, photographed meeting and a super secret meeting that Sessions lied about.

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Speaking of lying.....

Best election ever

Chris Christie should be named Infrastructure Czar in charge of highways and bridges.

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Daniel W. Drezner‏Verified account @dandrezner 11h11 hours ago

STAFF: We should issue a statement.

TILLERSON: I don't want to.

STAFF: Mr. Secretar--

TILLERSON : Don't look at me!!



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But, we must talk and talk and talk, because that's how the world will respect us.



Oh wait, we're being mysterious?


ooooohhhhhhh, mysterious................


But what does that mean? Please tell us what that means?



My guess is it means Trump's administration doesn't know what to do. Because stupid/sold out to Russia/ bankrupted a casino/ Afraid of stairs?

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Press conference with Jordanian king some press person asked what Trump is going to do about Syria.


Trump told him he'll do whatever he does, but he's not going to telegraph it first.


Seems smart, must be an accident

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