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New Style Of Poker - Texas Jack Poker

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Hello Everyone,

I have created a style of Poker that I call Texas Jack which combines the betting simplicity of Blackjack with the excitement of a Texas Hold 'em race. It is a single player banking style game in which a player places bets on which set of hole cards will win after a flop, turn, and river. I have created this video tutorial to easily demonstrate the gameplay. As you can see in the video, there is also a side bet option on the hand ranking of the winning hand. Written instructions can be found further down.


Youtube Video:


I have also developed an app game, so you can try out the game for free with Apple and Android devices. Click the link from your phone to be directed to the app store, or view my website: http://texasjackpoker.com


Texas Jack App Game: http://tjp.app.link


I would love to hear some feedback of what you think of the game. Thanks!


Written Instructions for Texas Jack Poker:

Texas Jack Poker is a banking style poker game in which a player attempts to accurately bet on the set of hole cards that will end up making the best 5 card hand after a flop, turn, and river.


The game begins with the player placing an initial bet (or wager) in the amount that they choose.

The dealer will then deal 3 sets of hole cards upright, containing 2 cards each, for a total of 6 visible cards.

The player will then distribute their initial chip bet onto the hand that they determine will win the hand. A bet may be placed entirely on a single hand, or split between multiple hands. Splitting your bet will minimize your risk of losing chips, but also minimize your winnings.

After the initial bet has been distributed to the hand(s) chosen, you have the option to place a side bet on the winning hand ranking, or you can deal the flop, river, and turn cards to determine the winner. (See below for side bet rules).

Any bet placed on a winning hand will receive a 1/1 return plus the original bet. (For example, a bet of 5 chips placed on the winning hand would receive a 5 chip reward plus your original bet of 5 chips back.)

All hands that tie for a win are considered a winning hand and receive 1/1 return. If the best 5 cards are all on the flop, turn, and river, then all 3 hands tie, all 3 are considered winners, and all bets placed receive a 1/1 return.

Any bet that is placed on a hand that does not win, is lost to the dealer without a return.


Side bets rules:

An optional side bet can be placed after the 3 sets of hole cards are revealed and before the remaining 5 cards are dealt. A player may place a bet on which hand ranking the winning hand will have. (For example you could bet that the winning hand will be 2 Pair, or 3 of a Kind, or a Flush, etc..) If the winning hand wins with the ranking that was bet on, you will receive a return based on which hand was chosen.

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