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The new season of survivor begins tomorrow (Wednesday) and there are 18 castaways this season so we'll need 9 people to form the pool.


$25 per entry gives you 2 contestants


Prize Pool


1st: $200

2nd: $25


Please indicate that you are IN so we can count numbers before sending any money.

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Assign Numbers


1,18 King_Tanner

2, 17 Ottawa_Bitch

3, 16 FCP Bob

4, 15 Sam_Hard8

5, 14 Babying

6, 13 serge

7, 12 brvheart

8, 11 Governator

9, 10 GWCGWC


Random Order from Random.org


1 Anna

2 Cydney

3 Julia

4 Scot

5 Tai

6 Michelle

7 Caleb

8 Kyle

9 Joseph

10 Aubry

11 Nick

12 Elisabeth

13 Peter

14 Neal

15 Debbie

16 Alecia

17 Jennifer

18 Darnell


King_Tanner: Anna & Darnell

Ottawa_Biatch: Cydney, Jennifer

FCP Bob: Julia, Alecia

Sam Hard: Scot, Debbie

Babying: Tai, Neal

serge: Michelle, Peter

brvheart: Caleb, Elisabeth

Governator: Kyle, Nick

GWCGWC: Joseph, Aubry

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Great I get the most annoying person and the NBA player who spells his name wrong and will be voted out quickly after the merge.

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I'm disappointed that Liz has left the game. She had the potential to be my second favorite female contestant of all time but her time was too short to solidify that highly coveted spot.

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