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Question For Daniel

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Daniel, I Ran across this posting on another forum. Was wondering if you had any input on it? This is concerning the WSOP 2015:


"dnegs has a lot of leaks in his play, and I don't get why he still makes mistakes that cost him big time. He will announce correct reads, and still pay off the other players. ( in most cases ) Is it because he is second guessing himself? or has all those leaks been there, and he has just failed to plug them?

Steiner was playing a lot more solid than Dnegs, but many pro's seem to fall about the same way. knowing they are beat. but rather than folding, they call for the payoff. watching the WSOP, looking at the tells of the amateurs, I would say out loud in to the monitor to dnegs FOOLD!! please fooold!!! only 2 times did he actually fold and save his stack. AA V AK and 1 other where he looks at the other player and said out loud, looks like your cooking something there. he may have done it more, but those were the 2 most noticeable ones. the rest of the time he would call out the hand with the right read, but rather than fold he paid them off and losing a ton of chips. I notice a lot of pros have been doing this, not just him.

I'm in no way saying I'm a better player, I'm just reporting what I'm seeing with the pro's"

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Just because a player calls out a read doesn't mean he is confident in that read. They might be trying to get a reaction from the player. For example Sammy Farha called out to Moneymaker "You missed your flush, huh." which was a correct read, but Moneymaker was a statue on that hand and thus Farha folded rather than risk his tournament being over at that point. A few hands later it was over.

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