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10 Predictions For The 2015-16 Nhl Season

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Some of these are more like what I hope will happen rather than what I am predicting will happen...Dont get all upset , as its for entertainment purposes.



1. The Toronto Maple Leafs will surprise the hockey world and make the playoffs


This one is a bit out there, as no one even the biggest fan is looking for this to happen. While the Jays are bringing a World Series to town, look for the Leafs to come out to great start by hard work and solid defensive play.


2. The Pittsburgh Penguins will miss the playoffs


Again this is a bit of a shocker, but there is a bit of a precedent here. NHL teams that are put together like fantasy teams, usually fail at success...The hockey world is mesmerized by the beauty of a sniper to play with Sidney Crosby. However hockey is a two way game, the Penguins who will score a lot of goals, will also have trouble playing defence..Penguins lack of quality bottom 6 players and defensive dman will prove to be their demise.


3.The Anaheim Ducks will win the Stanley Cup


Not that much of a long shot, but a lot of things are point to this fact. Maybe just call it a feeling. Ducks are poised for a deep run , culminating in a Cup


4. Nazem Kadri will score 75 points


With the departure of 81, this is Kadri's opportunity to take this team and run with it. He will finally play top line, top minutes with no excuse. With a competent coaching staff and management this is finally his time.


5. The Detroit Red Wings playoff streak will come to an end


This is one of the most phenomenal streaks in hockey and the Red Wings organization should be recognized. However the younger players are still not ready to overtake the veterans, even though its pretty close. They will finish 10th in the East


6. Carey Price will have one of his worst seasons in his career


No question Price had one of the most spectacular years from a goalie we have seen in a while. However this will be the opposite. Look for Price s numbers to be 2.89 with a GAA under .900...The Habs have gotten complacent and expect that their netminder will bail them out every game, however its just not going to happen.


7.Ryan Johansen will win the Art Ross


This young superstar will be talk of hockey come January as he is leading the whole NHL in Points. It is true last year we awarded the Art Ross to an unlikely candidate. That trend will continue as Johansen wins it with 93 pts.


8. The team that will be the most improved from last year..The Colorado Avalanche


Look for Colorado regain what they had a couple of years ago. The lineup is still loaded with stars. They are also an outside Stanley Cup contender


9. Connor McDavid will not disappoint and win the Calder going away.

Again not a huge surprise here. He will have the biggest rookie year points wise since Patrick Kane..He will score 75 pts on an Oiler team that will still miss the playoffs.


10. There will 4 Canadian Teams in the playoff


Enjoy the season everyone..Remember these predictions are for entertainment purposes..I challenge you to create your own 10.

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predictable and predictions are close to being the same word


most definetely my good friend from the Eastern State of New York.


I mention clearly that its more what I am hoping for rather than predicition.

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It's not a reading comprehension issue if I didn't read it.


exactly..Dont comment on stuff you dont read..


Makes you look like a jackass.

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My sleeper pick for the Art Ross won the Smarty Boss..The Smarty Boss is awarded to the player that gets the most points in the preseason..


This guy is gonna tear this league apart this year.

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While my predictions have been off...Things you could made a killing on if you bet them before the season..After a quarter of the season:


1. The Toronto Maple Leafs have more goals than the Pittsburgh Penguins.


2. James Reimer has Vezina like numbers.


3. Arizona is 6 points ahead of the Anaheim Ducks


4. That there would be 83 players with more points than Sidney Crosby


5. That John Tortorella would have not one but TWO jobs.

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