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Poker Players Targeted By Card-Watching Malware

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High limit players are vulnerable and there isn't anything that an online site can do since the issue is with the player's computer and not the gaming software.


They need to treat their computers like a valuable object that they should never allow anybody else to touch and they probably should only use that computer for playing on and nothing else.

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PokerStars replies to Malware story



“PokerStars and Full Tilt are aware that some players’ computers have been targeted by malicious software. An initial review of gameplay for those accounts where we believe this malware was present found no evidence that these players have lost funds due to unfair play. In line with our constant goal for utmost security, we recommend that players protect themselves against this sort of attack by practicing good computer security. Players should keep their operating system updated, use reliable anti-virus software, and only install software from reputable sources.” Said A PokerStars Spokesperson.
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