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Us Politics For Betting (Not Talking About Politics)

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I realized why I don’t post in this thread. Have fun again.


That guy from Newfoundland should be posting something soon too

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I was going to let this slide, but I just watched the video in question again and I just can't.   You watched a black man almost moved to tears as he passionately talked about an election and a coun

Most of you know that I am a fiscal conservative. If you didn't, you know now. I didn't vote for Trump and Im pretty sure I wouldn't have voted for Bernie Sanders. Would have looked for a 3rd candidat

My aunt used to foster parent children. I don't know how many she had, but I'd guess a few.   The last one she had she ended up adopting and now she's my cousin and she's awesome. She's early in he

Are you only able to participate in a conversation when everything you say is accepted as fact? I'm not sure how you'd like us to respond when you say something that's incorrect. You learned something today...that's a good day!

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The more this immigration and wall thing drags on, the more I think its just as simple as republicans not wanting illegal immigration because it will lead to more democratic votes

and the democrats wanting the opposite for the votes


All the other stuff on either side is just smoke


This is absolutely incorrect. The wall has almost nothing to do with illegal immigration, since the huge majority of illegal immigrants are not people who just snuck across the border. And people crossing in this manner or otherwise not having status in the country have no path to voting.


Republicans say that Democrats want illegal immigration because of votes, but that’s like pissing in your face and calling it rain because those types of immigrants can’t vote, whether they stay in the country or not. It can’t even be said that Democrats want more legal immigration for votes because historically, there is not evidence that first-generation immigrants vote for the left-wing party.

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Do we want to talk about the "Kids in MAGA hats/Nathan Phillips" story?


bunch of kids from a $10K per year private Catholic high school that is almost all White many of them in MAGA Trumpkin hats are in Washington to attend what they call the "March For Life" but is basically an anti Women's Reproductive Rights rally. The school has a field trip to it every year.


The day after the rally they get into it with the Black Israelite's who are basically whack job trolls who yell and scream at everybody no matter who they are.


This is an example of the Black Israelite's Troll game.


Nathan Philips who is an elderly Native American Vietnam War vet is there for his own March for Native American awareness I think and gets into the mix of Maga White kids. Not sure if he was trying to defuse the situation or they were just in his way but he is drumming and chanting and gets blocked and mocked by the Maga's.


Some of the comments from some parents of the kids show that at least the parents are pretty racist and fully on board the Trump train. Some of the posting history from some Priests associated with the school and parish also show some pretty strong anti woman thinking.


In conclusion young kids who are influenced by a lot of shitty parents and a shitty conservative Church act like shits in public.

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Agree with just about everything you said although I wouldn't exactly say they mocked him and acted shitty. And they definitely didn't block him. I thought Nathan Phillips was more confrontational than they were. I'm not sure what his actual motivation was.


I think the most interesting thing to come out of this incident is to see how the story was twisted by the media. I saw reports of the kids chanting "build the wall", taunting and threatening Phillips. All appears to be bullshit.


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Everytime I hear of Nathan Phillips..I am just reminded of the great area in Toronto named after the same name.

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